“Reclaiming Youth at Risk” Training

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“Reclaiming Youth at Risk; Advancing Trauma-Sensitive Solutions”A two-day training to help educators respond to students influenced by trauma and develop resilience. I can deliver this training at your school. For staff who work with troubled or troubling youth, i.e. have experienced trauma, show signals of emotional distress, have lower self-concept, show evidence of failure and self-defeating behaviors, have been devalued, may show deficits in relationship skills, display at risk and avoidance behaviors. Help youth develop resiliency. The Circle of Courage® is a critical underpinning area of focus we will unpack. A great training option for newer teachers and to reinforce best practices for veteran educators. Open to all school staff. We will practice applying this content to you students and schools. Bring this two-day, 12-hour Training of “Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Advancing Trauma-Sensitive Solutions”, directly to your school.

minimum of 12 educators is required, and maximum of 30 educators per day is recommended, consider multiple sessions if more. Tuition fee may vary based on number of staff to be trained, and will include related handouts and book. Host School also pays trainer expenses such as: shipping, flight, hotel, car, and food. Fee may be negotiable, depending on location, or for multiple days. To request a quote contact me.

Dr. Larry Brendtro, co-author of Reclaiming Youth at Risk,  said, “I have collaborated with Dr. Boardman professionally for years. He has written several articles through our Reclaiming Children and Youth publication. I invited him to become a Senior Trainer of Reclaiming Youth at Risk. He also conducted a “Time To Teach!” breakout session at our 2019 Reclaiming Youth Conference. He is an inspiring speaker. Randy has a vast amount of experience working with students that have incurred trauma and toxic stress. Randy relates well to educators because he has “been there and done that.”

Randolph Boardman