Speaking Opportunities Beyond Schools. Please Read On.


“Just Some Thoughts About Some Stuff”. A motivational presentation for a variety of work group settings and non-work groups. This motivational presentation can be tailored for an array of settings; including schools, businesses, churches and community groups. I will share a sampling of original poems and verse I have written about an array of topics, including: personal or spiritual development, love and relationships, self-reflection, behavior, life lessons, professional purpose and focus. This session can range from 30 minutes for a luncheon session, up to 60 minutes for a typical conference breakout session. My engaging conversational presentation style interfaces my personal and professional experience, and experiences. An example:

“Just Some Thoughts About … Someday”: If you spend your life waiting for someday: to do something you always wanted to do; to be somebody you always wanted to be; to go somewhere you always wanted to go; to see someone you always wanted to see; to live how you always wanted to live; to tell someone you love that you really do; … you may never do … you may never be … you may never go … you may never see … you may never live … you may never tell. Make today … SOMEDAY !  by Rand Boardman       


I also am available to speak to community-based groups about the challenges for family members who support individuals with dementia. These sessions are based on a three-part series of “Guides for Families” I co-authored these with Kim Warchol, President of Dementia Capable Care, a division of CPI. Just a few considerations for any of you, who have, do or will support someone with dementia. 1) Today may be the best day left in our loved one’s life from a perspective of memories or cognitive function. 2) We need to celebrate who our loved one is today, and not spend our time and energy mourning who they used to be. 3) We need to focus on meeting the person in their reality, and not expect them to always meet us in ours.

An example. My long time friend Kurt was having many disagreements with his wife during her journey with dementia. She kept talking about friends that came to visit her, many whom had passed. He would try to convince her they were no longer alive, which led to even more confrontations. After he asked me what he should do, he made some simple changes. He reported that he began to just ask his wife each day about who came to visit her. They then enjoyed conversations about these past friends. One day shortly thereafter, his wife briefly joined him again in his reality, as she leaned over to give him a kiss. 

Kairos Prison Ministry:

Lastly, I am available to talk to your church about my most recent experiences with the Kairos Prison Ministry. Every time I have the opportunity to go inside the walls of Sterling Prison here in Colorado, I grow, I learn, I change. Please contact me directly if you have such an interest. To learn more, listen to a podcast, “When I Was in Prison”, go to redeemerconnect.com, On Demand, Podcast, episode 093, with Randy.




















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