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Join my email list and request an article by Rick Dahlgren, “Remain Calm” filled with classroom management tips. “Diffusers” will help your teachers to remove themselves from center stage when being challenged. Help teachers to remain calm when challenged, and best of all, they help “disrupt the disrupter” and instantly end confrontation even before it begins. Examples of other articles and resources I can send you today. Please request by title as listed below.

  • Order in the Classroom” by Graham and Prigmore. Students do not all come to sch\ool ready to learn or know how to behave. A consistent classroom management system can save instructional time and improve school climate.
  • “Fostering Emotionally Safer Environments” by Boardman, from the 7th Edition of “Conflict in the Classroom”, by Long. We must assure students are physically safe at school, and we create an emotionally safe learning space.
  • “Thoughts to Help Manage Troubling Behavior” by Boardman. We all know about triggers, antecedents,  precipitants to behavior. We also need to attend to what is happening for a student when they are on-task and all is going well.
  • “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” by Boardman. What behavior can we really influence the most? You guessed it, ours. 
  • “Reducing Fights in Schools” by Boardman. Do your students and staff regularly practice and rehearse for weather emergencies? or other emergency plans? Does your school also practice and rehearse expectations for fights at school? Hmm, maybe you should.
  • “Behavior Management By Walking Around” by Boardman. The best compliment my students and parents ever gave me was, “Our students know who their principal is.” You can hear this too. 
  • Examples of how to “teach to” expectations for students with special needs: Riding on a Bus” Helps to teach student to remain seated on a bus for the safety. “Self-Stimulating Behavior” Helps reduce self-stimulating behaviors such as hitting head or rocking. “Reducing Fights in Schools”  Helps to reduce fights in schools. “Wearing a Mask” Helps students learn how to properly wear a mask in school. Check back for more stuff to help teachers.

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