Randy Boardman

Randy Boardman

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My journey in education began by majoring in Special Education and Elementary Education in college. I wanted to make a difference and like many idealistic young people, change the world. I was told to dream high. Soon I came to understand that the world was bigger than I originally thought. Then I decided to re-assess my aspirations. My new career goal became to influence individual worlds of individual students in my classrooms, just one student at a time, over a period of time.

That led me into school leadership roles. First, I was as a Principal at a center for students with special needs. Next up were principal positions at an elementary school, middle school, and two high schools. One summer I was invited to teach at a university as adjunct faculty in School Administration. In these roles, I could positively impact students, teachers, administrators and school communities. I remember a student at a high school I will call Erik. He had family issues, struggled with alcohol and behavior, which resulted in a series of disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion. Six years after he moved on, he invited me to his graduation from college, advising me that he went into teaching to influence others, the same way I had influenced him. Erik reminded me that every time I disciplined him, I never gave up on him. Erik recalled that I was the first person to welcome him back, and review with him what he could do to improve going forward.

Then I found myself teaching teachers and other human services providers, through a series of positions with the Crisis Prevention Institute as an executive, content expert, developer, legislative consultant, researcher and professional trainer. My platform of influence for over 19 years was through training, writing, resource development, and presenting content for respectfully intervening with difficult and even aggressive behavior. Each week I had different adult learners who I could influence, also one at a time. A core belief of Time To Teach! is that “Behaviors can change, systemically.” Often I teach that “Behaviors can change best, one at a time over a period-of-time.” Students, staff, schools, can also change, one at a time.

Now I find myself offering to help influence you, or your school, or your staff and students through training. I have authorizations to train school staff via the Center for Teacher Effectiveness; Boys Town National Training Services; The LSCI Institute; and Reclaiming Youth at Risk. I would be honored to share how I can speak to you. When I present, I challenge each educator in the session to identify at least “Just One” skill or strategy that was discussed. I then challenge them further to use the idea with at least “Just One” student. 

Dr. Chace Anderson, a veteran Suburban Superintendent, said: “I have known Randy Boardman professionally and personally for over 30 years. He hired me as a new teacher straight out of the University. Randy was the person who initially talked to me about becoming a school administrator. He has continued to serve as a mentor to me.  When I think of Randy, words that come to mind include professional, character, integrity and innovative educational leader. Randy has played a key role in inspiring me to seek effective change, improve continuously and thrive as an educational leader.”

My journey continues; Still dreaming high. Still trying to influence. Still believing I can change the world. Contact me.


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